Stop hurting your skirting and get skirt guard. Don’t Waste Money Replacing Your Vinyl Skirting

We want you, the mobile home owner, to be able to purchase our product at the lowest price. We sell factory direct to the public to lower the cost .

You pay only the shipping charges needed to get Skirt-Guard to you. Some businesses might want to sell you completely new vinyl skirting because of holes along the bottom few inches, but we want to protect your existing skirting, hide the holes, and allow you to safely string trim around your home, all for less than the cost of replacing your skirting.

Lower cost to you, more protection for your home! SIMPLE!

Just go to the Buy Skirt-Guard Page and see how easily you can restore the beauty to your home, from the bottom up!

Order today, we ship tomorrow, you should receive your order within 5 business days.


FACT: Weed-eaters knock holes in vinyl skirting

FACT: Replaced skirting will soon get new holes

FACT: Skirt-Guard covers existing holes

FACT: You can trim against Skirt-Guard!


We’re the biggest secret in the Mobile Home Industry.
Installers want to sell you skirting.
We want to protect what you have.

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