How to Install Skirt-Guard

What is Skirt-Guard?

Skirt-Guard  is made of the same material as skirting, yet because it is thicker, and smoother, it is not affected by string trimmers.  We guarantee Skirt-Guard for 5 years against weathering or nylon string trimmer damage – we will replace any damaged pieces.

Skirt-Guard can be cut to make both inside and outside corners, and ends butt up against one another for a seamless bottom line.

Installing Skirt-Guard:

Installing Skirt-Guard  is a snap! It simply clips onto the existing bottom track of your skirting.

Pieces of  Skirt-Guard  just butt against each other on long runs. Use a hacksaw to cut straight joints where less than a full length piece is needed.

Skirt-Guard can easily be cut with tin snips as illustrated above.

Here's how easy it is to cut Skirt-Guard for corners

marking a line with a pencil
Use a pencil to mark the tabs.
cutting shirt guard along lines
Notch the back clip with a pair of tin snips.
bending skirt-guard to make corner.
Bend 90 degrees.