Skirt-Guard Displays

This page is for Manufactured Housing Community Managers

Our commitment is to offer Skirt-Guard at the best price directly to the mobile homeowner. We believe they need an economical way to protect their homes from string trimmer damage. We would like your help.

Why should we help? What’s in it for us?

It’s simple.  Well maintained manufactured homes within a community increase the value of both the homes themselves and of the community.

Park requirements to meet certain standards are for the benefit of not only the community owner, but the homeowners as well.

Poorly maintained homes affect the value of all the homes in a park, and holes in skirting made by modern string trimmers, whether in the hand of the homeowner or a park landscaping crew, can greatly lower the overall appearance of a mobile home community.

Free Counter Top Displays

We believe that our product, Skirt-Guard, is the best solution to the problem of string trimmer damage to vinyl skirting, and that it is in the best interest of manufactured housing communities to support the use of our product.

We would like to offer a free counter-top display for your office, with our website on it, along with samples for homeowners to check out.

If you understand how Skirt-Guard can benefit both your homeowners and your community, then contact us and we’ll send you a free counter-top display and several samples of Skirt-Guard.

Just phone, fax, or email us at:

Together, we believe we can improve everyone’s bottom line!